• Featured: ARISE

    The first in The Stories of the Seven series, ARISE by Dax Cabrera. For the first time, see the stories of the Bible told through the eyes of the very angels called to defend the Lord’s plan for humanity and the demons who have pledged their fates to stand in the way...

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  • Featured: The Coming King

    So much of today’s prophetic conversation is framed by the excerpts in scripture that revolve around persecution, Beasts and Dragons, “Seals”, “Trumpets”, and, of course, the Anti-Christ. With so much focus on the expected horrors of the future, the fulfillment G-d’s plan for redemption ...

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ARISE by Dax Cabrera

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About R. Baruch

R. Baruch holds a PhD in Jewish Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Languages.  He earned rabbinical ordination as an Orthodox Rabbi in 1998.  He and his family have lived in Israel since 2002, where he teaches at the Zera Avraham Institute, as well as the Israel College of the Bible.  He is the featured […]