About Us

Areli Media, founded in 2013, is a new ministry-based production and publishing company that has set out to build the body of Christ by engaging present-day issues through varied media that is based solely on Scripture.

We affirm the principal that Salvation comes by Grace alone; and therefore, the need to spread the Gospel in order to expand the understanding of God’s sacrifice, His Word and its application.

Our mission is to encourage and excite the study of the Bible and the fellowship of modern-day disciples through different forms of media. We support ministries around the world who hold the following to be true:

Statement of Faith
The Bible is the very Word of God, is inerrant in its original form and was intended as a guide from our Heavenly Father for all times.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who became flesh in order to die in our place. He was crucified, buried and resurrected in order to pay the price of our transgressions (past, present and future).
Salvation is a gift, because of Christ’s sacrifice. There is no deed that can be done to deserve it. Only by accepting Jesus Christ, can one enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.